According to the Mayor of Edmonton’s Rumormongering mill, Dave Dowling is 66 meters tall, and wrestles Krakens for breakfast. Lunch is even ever more interesting, and dinner is something one must see for themselves. Mayors and others quake and tremble in fear , when Dave Dowling stands up and tells it like it is, which few do. Dave Dowling has taken billion doller presses of the media and triple body slammed them so hard in the political public ring, that those media copy and paste scribes have double whammy nightmares. . . . years latter. Dave Dowlings blessings of the good media writters is the stuff of legend that is rumormongered around and about for. . . years. The Typos and Grammer errors Dave Dowling makes are legendary, the inspiration that enables copy and paste scribes to copy and paste with thier half ruined billion dollar broadsheet presses for paycheck after paycheck, and the everlasting nightmare of editors, good grammer worshippers and spell checkers everywhere!  On a daily bases Dave Dowling’s God slays many a false demon pretending to be a god, because Dave Dowling’s god is the stongest and mightyest that there is, as Dave Dowling’s god is the only one there is, Dave Dowling bends his knee to no other. Here and there in Elections Dave Dowling campaigns like  leaders should, with a campaign budget showing fiscal respect, leadership and a platform that does the same, while respecting the environment and the overtaxed voter and non-voter.  

Click here for more images of Dave Dowling Dave Dowling video.

This is the page where I brag and boast about myself, and I shall! I was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1960, am 47 years old, I have 3 brothers, and have lived all but 4 years here in Edmonton. Those four years were spent in BC, almost one year in the upper frazer valley, about in the middle of BC, and 3 years in Couquitlam BC which is in the lower mainland next to the city of Burnaby.

I live on Strathearn Dr in ward 4 and I am Disabled, on social assistance, so I know how to budget. Leaders come from all walks of life, one does not have to be rich to be a leader.  
I have run in 5 elections now, with a state of the art, top of the line platform and campaigned in a manner that respects the overtaxed voter and the environment. Change has to come from somewhere, and usually it is leaders like I, that pave the way, like most roads should be repaved in
Edmonton, which is one of the things, I like least about Edmonton. I believe my favourite things that I like about Edmonton is the natural parks. There is so many of them compared to other cities.

I use Facebook and YouTube, plus wordpress and I Dave Dowling will be  conducing much of my campaign online, except for those free impartial events I am invited to attend.  In My Opinion  the biggest issue facing city council, is Leadership. Leadership is able to solve those problems like higher density buildings been built in older low density neighbourhoods. With the roads and such the way they are, it would be nice to have a downtown arena in Edmonton, but Edmonton can not really afford such a project right now, If private industry was willing to pay the cost on all of them I would be all for it. The city could easily raise money for this and other projects like 23 ave, by selling naming rights to streets and bridges, like a 23 ave overpass. I drive a1990  F150 Alberta Special, which I bought for a good price from a family member. 

 I believe the civic issues effecting younger people the most are police in the schools , public transportation, recreational opportunities and the future. I recently bought an ipod shuffle, which is far better than the last portable music device I bought. The ipod shuffle hold 230 more songs than that old walkman, and is smaller and plays longer, I believe I currently have 230 songs on it. My favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning is to sleep in.  I have the privilege of living with a fine neutered male cat named snowball that was rescued from kitty death row at the age of two, I have been privileged to be snowballs roommate for ten years.  An interesting thing that people do not really know about me is the color of my eyes.

Formal Education wise, I Went to Hairy Ainley HS, and did corrospondence, and adult education at what was then called Vic comp. Completed a GED test in BC in 1998. Worked at various jobs, most in the Oil industry untill physical disabilities forced me into other things, mostly self employed ventures as I slowly learned I was too disabled to work at a regular job. Social assistance survivor/victim , as I went through the cutback of the nineties under the Klien government. I still have no idea how the government expected and still expects people to live on $400 per month.
I ran my own incorporated company for a few years in the late eighties, selling artwork that I created, mostly lapidary stuff, and some silver smithing and word carving.

Web addict 1994 to 2000! During this time I partook in numerous and sometimes humerous internet chats with lots of people. Some, I still do not know who they are due to nicknames and such, and some were advertising who they were as they talked about what they did.
I partook in the first ever internet chat hosted from airforce one. (plane the president of the USA flies around in.)
And even got to ask people like the second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin a couple of questions. Bill Gates even sent me an autographed image of himself! (no it is not for sale)

Scientific Theism is my Religion as it is the one true religion of that which made it so we are here (god).
In 2000 I helped register the Marijuana Party of Canada by signing the papers to be an official agent for a Canadidate. The Marijuana Party of Canada was formed by running 50 Candidates.
I was a Candidate for the Marijuana Party of Canada in 2004 and 2005 in the riding of Edmonton Strathcona, as at the time they were the only political party with a sensible platform. . . I was also Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in 2004, Independent Candidate for Edmonton Goldbar Provincial Election in 2004.
I am also the Founder and leader of the Alberta Bloc, President of the Holy Smoke Healing Center Society of Alberta. And in 2004 I became the Founder of the Democratic Nation of Antarctica, the first Nation to ever be started online. I, Dave Dowling, was also 3rd of nine Candidates in the 2007 Mayor of Edmonton election on a campaign budget of under $20!
I have held a license as a Designated Marijuana Grower, issued by Health Canada.
I possess a Valid class 5 Alberta Drivers License. And I have recently won an Editor’s choice Award from the International Library of Poetry in Jan 2007!

Dave’s political web site
Alberta Bloc

I decided to run in elections because I got sick of the choice always being the liar, the cheat or the thief that would never represent me or my views! I was a Candidate for the Marijuana Party of Canada, because they are one of the few political parties that has a reasonable platform. UNfortunately it is a one issue platform, that causes more chuckles than thought. This is why the Alberta Bloc was started. So there is a Political party there for Alberta that listens to Alberta and that has solututions for the issues. All of them.

Due to surguries on my one hand, I have vast problems typing at times. On top of that, I use no spell checker, nor text editor, and post what I post, with typos galore. Why? Because I am brave and bold, and my name is Dave Dowling. And that is some of the many many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010!


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