If you can not Vote Dave Dowling, then stop reading, and go google a list of other candidates.

Why Vote Dave Dowling ?

I, Dave Dowling will fix the roads, clean the snow off them, and lower the elected wages, perks and privledges.  

I, Dave Dowling shall campaign like no other candidate has ever campaigned before!
Just like I did in the last Election.

I, Dave Dowling, shall put up no signs whatsoever, out of respect for the environment. Election signs end up in landfills, and are made from trees.

I, Dave Dowling shall accept no money contributions whatsoever from anyone, out of respect for the overtaxed voter. Elections should not be about who raises the most money to give to the major media. Like Tazer deaths, the major media are part of the problem.

I, Dave Dowling shall rely on the impartiality of the media to show you the overtaxed voter, that there isn’t any impartiality in the media during elections, and that all the other Candidate really has. . . is spam.

I, Dave Dowling shall spend as close to nothing on this election as possible out of respect for fiscal integrity. Fiscal integrity is things like chopping the elected wage’s down to a reasonable level like what someone on social assistance gets.

The rest is up to you the overtaxed voters.

In Edmonton, the City Budget is almost $ 2 Billion per year $ ($2,000,000,000) of your taxed dollars.
I, Dave Dowling will lower the elected wages to down to a reasonable level of something under $20,000 per year with no perks, nor privileges and no tax free wages, nor fat cat expense accounts. Elected officials are elected to a position of volunteer servitude, as a servant of all the people, even those that do not vote. Elected people should not be winning an “election lotto” paid by the taxed voter. I would encourage the rest of city council to do the same. These savings and other savings of millions per year could be put towards more important issues. Issues like the environment, improving snow removal, road repairs and lowering taxes. Proof of my fiscal integrity is in my last campaign for Mayor of Edmonton where I spent close to nothing campaigning.
I, Dave Dowling will lower pollution by implementing laws that new government owned vehicles be non pollution, lowering the cost of public transportation, and transforming all government buildings to off grid state of the art top of the line environmentally friendly architecture that is a leader in saving the trees. Proof of this is in the background image of the votedave.net website, and my last campaign for Mayor where I put up no monster size signs that end up in the landfills. . . Who else is standing up for the trees and such but I , Dave Dowling.

How to do it
Vote Dave Dowling, tell all you know to do so. You will not see signs all over that say so. for I, Dave Dowling respect the environment, and you the voters. I am relying on your good sense, and the (ha ha) impartiality of the Media to present all Candidates positions to you in an equal manner.

I, Dave Dowling, spent Under $20. in the last mayor election and spent under $200 in the 2004 Mayor of Edmonton election. I was the first Candidate to have a virtual campaign office, to post youtube videos, and have an online photo album.
I, also Ran in the last Federal election, promoting Environmental standards and more with a state of the art, top of the line platform. Dave did the same in a provincial election. Dave also started the Alberta Bloc, a political party here for Alberta and Albertans.
Dave Dowling has/is Hosting the website for the Democratic Nation of Antarctica a group of people out to preserve the environment on the last continent on the planet not wrecked by Humans. . .Dave Dowling also has the acomplishment of been Licensed by Health Canada as a Designated Marijuana grower. Something no other Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton has ever done. . Legally.

Vote Dave Dowling
There you go, the evidence, the typos, the propaganda, etc. The rest is up to you the voters, you can vote for more scamdels or you can vote: Dave Dowling. For more information on Dave Dowling, just visit one of the many pages on this site, or Dave’s other sites.

© 2007 Dave Dowling. All rights reserved. Authorized by the official agent for elect Dave Dowling


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