Here in quotations is the challange of the millenium that I issued to the current tax and spend mayor of Edmonton in the 2007 mayor of Edmonton election. Boldy, I issued it and bravely posted it here for all to view and see. I Dave Dowling won, I proved he’s too chicken to take on a disabled person in a fair contest. . . I showed he has no leadership skills, and I proved with speech after speech , that when it comes to speeches on leadeship, I , Dave Dowling win, again and again and again.

“Disabled as I am,

I, Dave Dowling,
Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton:
Do here by;
Challange the curent pirate at the helm (Mayor),
to 3 rounds,
in the ring,
no holds barred,
UFC rules. Winner gets to donate proceeds to the non profit organization of the winners choice
Looser gets to wear a clown suit for entire election, and when asked why they are wearing the clown suit, must say I fought with (Insert winners name here) and lost !”

The Political Challenge of the millenium in the upcoming Edmonton Civic Election for Mayor of Edmonton; Contract:

1. Challenge issued by Dave Dowling to the current Mayor of Edmonton.
to 3 rounds,
in the ring,
no holds barred,
UFC rules.
Winner gets to donate proceeds to the non profit organization of the winners choice
Looser gets to wear a clown suit for entire election, and when asked why they are wearing the clown suit, must say I fought with (Insert winners name here) and lost!

2. Challenge to take place between nomination day and 2 days before the election.
3. Ref. to be mutually agreed upon by challenger and challengee.
4. Venue for challenge to be agree upon by challenger and challengee, with prefrence given to donated venues.
5. Media that attend shall recieve 75% deduction on ticket price, or in the case of poverty stricken media, free admission.
5a. 10% of tickets shall be reserved for free admission to people on social assistance living in the Edmonton Area.
6. Disclosure of non-profit organization that recieves proceeds to be disclosed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the challenge to the looser and media, including any poverty stricken media..
7. standard accidental injury wairers must be signed.
8. Arrangement for medical personel to be made by Ref.
9. No riders to be attached to accidental injury waiver contract.
10. Challenger and challengee shall recieve no compensation in any way , shape or form for participation in the challenge.
11. Clown suit to be provided by looser of the challenge.
12. If clown suit is not worn from by the looser, from the loosing of the match, until election day, whenever the looser in out in public, the looser agrees to reimburse the winner of the challenge with a free meal at a restraunt of the media in attendance at the challenge’s choice.. . .and one of those aformentioned media people.


4 Responses to “2007 Edmonton Mayor election: Challenge of the Millenium! DAVE WON!”

  1. davedowling Says:

    Now, if the current pirate at the helm is out of shape, which he could be, even though he has the loot to have a personal trainer, a personal shoe shiner, a personal doctor and a personal make up artist. Councilor Bryan Anderson could probably help hm out in the training for the match of the millenium of the edmonton mayors election of 2007.

    Rumor-mongering has it that Bryan Anderson was once involved in sports or something. He might have a bad rep. from his days of teaching Gym at various schools on the south side. . .
    Anyways out of all the councilors Bryan Anderson would probably be the scamdels best bet for a personal trainer for the challenge of the millenium! that is of course if the pirate accepts, which I doubt he will.

    Stay tune for the upcoming post or page entitled “Tale of the Tape measurer! where reach, KO record, height, weight, etc will be compared, between the pirating scamdel. . . And your #1 choice for Mayor of Edmonton: Dave Dowling.

  2. davedowling Says:

    Tale of the Tape measurer!

    In Round 1 to 6 last civic election, debate after Debate Dave Dowling KO’d the top three money spenders on issue after issue. In the final round at the polls though, Dave Dowling’s competition bushwacked him with obsence spending of large amounts of cash to the media for adds that said “vote for blah blah”
    The public bought it and voted in 21% higher council wages, white elephant projects, cost increases never before seen, and of course 8% higher taxes this year and who knows how much next year. It seams that is what the public wanted in the last election, along with snow removal that waits for spring sunshine and the pot holed roads of Edmonton.

    Seen how the “winning” candidate basicly bought the job, with the almost million or so given to the media, Dave went on to declare Victory, as the issues he raised then, are still the issues today. Which of course, are the issues of Leadership.

    Dave has the advantage of a longer reach, more training, taller hight, more muscle mass and possible a larger, more solid bone structure. Dave Dowling is also much younger, young enough to take on the PM and the Premier in a two on one UFC special!

    Dave Dowling would probably wollup them both to the ground and squeeze that extra financing needed for infrastructure matinence righty out of thier suplused budgets, within three rounds.

  3. davedowling Says:

    Round 1 Queen Elizabeth Senior High school

    Dave KOed the Cometition three times!
    Reeling, a bit dazed and confused, the competition scurried away to hope round two is not as bad.

    No, it’s won’t be as bad, it’ll be far far worse! It might be a pile driver of leadership, with a back breaker of how to do it. And four Knock outs from a couple of uppercuts of the truth, and a few roundhouses of the facts.
    just watch the debate news at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA8vNAwnimE

  4. davedowling Says:

    And so with a final farewell to the campaign trail of 2007, Dave Dowling KO’ed the competition in round two at NAIT, and achieved an astounding question period victory at Strathcona with a round house upper cut that left the competition squawking in the cornor how 13,000 was only 4000 or something similar.

    in the end though , major donations to corporate media let the competition buy the position, whereas Dave Dowling had Victory once again, with a 3rd place finish on a campaign budget of $20. . . Dave won every vote Dave got, and Dave bought no votes, like others did.
    rumormongering has it, that just like the last election it cost the competition between $5 to $20 per vote. . . which is why they only won, and did not have victory.

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