Bakhtairi, what is it? says its a rug

My name is David Dowling, and during the Election for Mayor of Edmonton in 2007, Premier ed’s government officialy named me, David Dowling this in a letter sent to me during the election, with a threat to withhold my meager social assistance funds if I did not fill out a form and send it back.

Indeed, Bakhtairi is not anywhere near been my official name. So I had to phone the premiers office, and go down there, and drop off a copy of the foul nasty letter, that was dripping slander all over the place, his government had sent to me.  I dropped it off right at the legislature building like his personal assistant told me to. . . . .

comeing soon, MORE of the Bakhitairi gate truth.


One Response to “Bakhtairi-gate”

  1. davedowling Says:

    Yes indeed, premier barbarian did less than nothing for me, just like he ahs done for the gouged renter, the overworker oil field employee or the starving farmer family.

    Premier Barbarian did less than nothing for me he made sure I was called more names and did his best to make sure I starved.

    Premier Barbarian has sure earned his name here.

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