Only dictators close parliament for political gain,
while an economic crisis happens. . . 

  Did the stevil say something like

“Gov. Gen. , Could you put democracy on hold so the moronity government that has no respect for the will of the people  can keep acting like it has an overwhelming majority?”

” Sure Stevil, after all, you sign the paycheck, who cares about the rule of law and if the confedense of parliament is there!”

Alberta, and in fact the rest of Canada deserves better.


Never before in Canada’s history has parliment been shut down. . .  

Dictators shut down parliments.
Hitler  like the name Harper, has 6 letters, starts with  H, and ends in r.
One burned the building to the ground. The other locked the doors.











Alberta does not need Dictators, in fact all of Canada deserves better.

According to the sorce that U of a students are not allowed to quote from, Wikipedia,
“The term “monopoly” first appears in Aristotle’s Politics, wherein Aristotle describes Thales of Miletus‘ cornering of the market in olive presses as a monopoly[3] (μονοπωλίαν)[4].”

And the Canadian competition act at




1.1 The purpose of this Act is to maintain and encourage competition in Canada in order to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy, in order to expand opportunities for Canadian participation in world markets while at the same time recognizing the role of foreign competition in Canada, in order to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises have an equitable opportunity to participate in the Canadian economy and in order to provide consumers with competitive prices and product choices.  “


Even though the competition act is written righty into the Canadian law, under its own act, the Competition act, which says people of Canada are allowed to have choices in the market place, the University of Alberta, has decided that monopolies are all righty, and that on Campus the U of a will decide what you choose.

Yes indeed, in contradiction to everything the free market system stands for, in total contradiction of the competition act, the Big Brotherly University of Alberta has thrown the democractic concept of free market competition out the window, and embraced the totalitarian dictatorship of the monopoly, which the competition act is there to anull.

Indeed, at the University of Alberta, cocaine cola, the breadbasket of greed is the only sugary diabetic inducing soft drink allowed on campus!

In a slap to the face of all pepsi-cola drinkers, and freedom of choice everywhere, the University of Alberta has said choice is something not allowed for students. In the quest of greed, freemarket competition is gone to the highest bidder. just as it was in the days where there were serfs, and no universities.

The Competition Act ignoring, University of Alberta, has decided that students do not need choices in life, such a decision clearly shows how the monopoly supporting University of Alberta spits upon the charter of rights and freedoms which says choices are a freedom or right.

The Monopoly supporting, University of Alberta, has decided that; teaching students to sell out to the highest bidder is the thing to do. The University of Alberta has also decided that teaching students to spit upon the competition act is great! As long as greed stuffs ones pockets, its allrighty to stiffle the competition is a free market system and country says the University of Alberta with its monopoly for cocaine greed cola.

some of the latest long standing jokes on campus according to the University of Alberta studets rumor mongering mill are:

1 I’ll be right back, I’m just gonna go get a pepsi!

2 Could you go get me a pepsi? ( replaces “please go, your boring”)

3 Monopoly? Thats a bord game cocaine greed cola won! 

All this thwarting of the competition act by the University of Alberta in the name of greedy pocket stuffing, makes one wonder a few things like: does ones grades go down at the University of Alberta if one is seen drinking pepsi? Or is one declared a terrorist for drinking pepsi? Is a person banned from campus if caught drinking a pepsi? And of course whats next?

Will there soon be just one type of food one can get on campus at the university of Alberta? aND WILL THERE BE JUST ONE CAR ADVERTISED ON THE CAMPUS RADIO, the hummer perhaps? Will students at the University of Alberta be forced to shop at only One Store, buy only one brand and one size of underwear?

Monopolies are wrong, they contravine everything the competition act is there for. For a University to be wiping thier dirty rear end with the competition act is beyond wrong, for they are the ones that are there to teach students ABOUT stuff like the competition act and free trade, and how monopolies are wrong. Instead:

one must ask: “U of A, what are they teaching there?”

over at the www.edmontonsun.com Richard Liebrecht was pointing out at http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Edmonton/2008/11/12/7381976-sun.html

How the Mayor Tax & Spend of Edmonton is peeved at butts. It’s not coffee cups, nor car pollution, which would involve air quality, nor is it what gets poured into the river, that has Mayor Tax And Spend peeved. Nope its cigarette butts. . . .

This clown of Edmonton in the Mayors chair, should have started ragging on how Edmonton water has 140 parts per milion of god knows what, or he should have been promoting the City buying non-polluting vehicles.

But no, this Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton instead has a problem of a discriminating nature with butts. Probably after a meeting with former councilor Phair, is where the Mayors problems started. . . .

8 long years ago when he was just a rookie councilor, Discriminating MayorTax and Spend then, could have insisted that Edmonton put ashtrays around the city. Now though , Mayor Tax and Spend wants the province to heap more discrimination upon smokers to up the tobacco taxes, and then Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton wants all that money and more. Probably so he can declare smokers terrorists and rendition them to a foreign country where thier rights and freedoms can be abused, so that his morals are not so offended by the new terrorists of pollution!

The discriminating against smokers Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton would rather have the entire police force out in thier gas guzzling 8 cylinder cars double taxing people for driving and smoking , rather than actually fight real pollution or real crime.

Crime like the cost overruns on the art gallery, or those police should be investigating why the 23 ave and QE II interssection is costing almost 1/2 of a billion dollars!

For 1/2 of a billion , the police could have been picking up all those butts in Edmonton and getting some real work done.  Double taxing drivers on thier way to work, by the thousands in a day, is not real police work, it’s the pretend kind. . . .like blaming pollution on butts, while driving to work in the gas guzzler. . .

Yes indeed, having those police babysit everyones children at daycares would be better work thandouble taxing drivers in some pretend kind of work. And the citizens of Edmonton would probably be happy if the police were doing real work and babysitting everyones childrens in the various daycares around town.

Butt, Mayor Tax and Spend would not have those extra millions upon millions from the over ticketed drivers pockets to waste on white elephant projects, if the police were doing real work and babysitting instead of doing the pretend kind of police work and acting as Mayor tax and Spends double taxation teams.

The real butt doing the damage is not the ones lying on the streets, its the one sitting in the Mayor of Edmonton chair, saying leadership is double taxing whomever they can. . . .

Indeed, it is ever so very true. according to http://www.mytelus.com/ncp_news/article.en.do?pn=oddities&articleID=2960513

“Robyn Holman says she took a picture and is now waiting to get the photo developed. Whether it turns out or not, the Kelowna, B.C., woman is now convinced that the legendary Ogopogo does exist. ”


has lots of information on ogopogos which are easier to take a picture of, than to get a non-tax increasing budget in the city of Edmonton!

A City of Edmonton budget with Tax DEcreases for the overtaxed voter is more mythical than ogopogo will ever be! Why? Because that is what the non-voting majority want!

the nonocracy, where ogopogos exist and City of Edmonton budget tax decreases never ever happen. . .

And the overtaxed voter better get another hundred of thousand ready for the Mayapors and concilors cost of living wage increases, cost of living expense account increases, cost of living gas allowance increases and all the rest of the cost of living increases that councils and the mayors meager wages will gouge from your pockets, purses, and wallets!

Mayapor, What a typo that is. And how brave and bold of Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010 to leave that in the post your reading!

What do you think Ed, will the Mayapor of Edmonton like that? 🙂

Indeed, I was there.

Premier Ed, Premiers wife, Dave Dowling. Rumor-mongering has it that the person in the middle is the one that actually runs everything in the Nation of Alberta.

Another video by your Favorite Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010: Dave Dowling.

Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton! in 2010

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