How Hot is it?

Only dictators close parliament for political gain,
while an economic crisis happens. . . 

  Did the stevil say something like

“Gov. Gen. , Could you put democracy on hold so the moronity government that has no respect for the will of the people  can keep acting like it has an overwhelming majority?”

” Sure Stevil, after all, you sign the paycheck, who cares about the rule of law and if the confedense of parliament is there!”

Alberta, and in fact the rest of Canada deserves better.


Never before in Canada’s history has parliment been shut down. . .  

Dictators shut down parliments.
Hitler  like the name Harper, has 6 letters, starts with  H, and ends in r.
One burned the building to the ground. The other locked the doors.











Alberta does not need Dictators, in fact all of Canada deserves better.

Besides the fact that more people voted for the bloc, ndp and liberals than those people that voted conservative, FRANK LANDRY the most excellent CITY HALL BUREAU writter at the
Was pointing out in his what appears to be an award winning article at:

In that article, Mr Landry points out in a subtule read between the lines way, how there is a lack of leadership when it comes to budgets with commen sense in Edmonton city hall.
Also in the article, by the excellent writter Mr Landry,  Councilor Tony Caterina shows how the yearly double diget tax hikes in Edmonton over the next few years, will increase the tax bill by a wholloping 60 poorcent. And no, poorcent is not a typo, poorcent is what a 60 poorcent tax hike will make everyone, poor and with cents, not dollars in thier pockets purses and wallets!

60 poorcent is more than twice the number of voters that voted in the last civic election. Will everyone be getting a 60 poorcent raise in wages in the next few years? Probably not.

A 60 poorcent tax hike is there because of a lack of leadership in the Mayor of Edmontons Chair. Coun. Tony Caterina would be better, than Mayor tax and spend. But alas, He looks to be a carrot and stick chasing second swab that only does as the mayor tax and spend of Edmonton tells him to do!

Allthough no one in the Media would admit it, it looks as if the Mayor tax and spend of Edmonton is comming here for ammo for the press to defend the 60 poorcent tax gouge. After all most do go to a place of leadership for ideas to battle problems with, and one can see how the lack of leadership in the Mayor of Edmontons chair, except when it comes to tax and spend, is responsible for a running amok, out of control, constantly rising, double diget tax increasing budget. A budget that is just like Pirates pillaging every ship that passes within pillaging range of the pirates is the contastly tax increasing budget.

Yes , far easier to blame it all on the workers, instead of the lacky of leadership in the Mayor of Edmontons Chair, which is where the bugetary chopping should begin! Chop that salary, chop those perks, chop those privledges, chop those expense accounts, and chop those office bugets. There is some commen sense leadership on fiscal control!
If only ther e was a first or second swab councilor to put forth a real budget filled with so much commen sense there was tax decreases!

With just that chopping of the mayors personal pillaging of the overtaxed voters pockets, OVER ONE MILLION CAN BE SAVED. if Councilors did the same, MILLIONS CAN BE SAVED. . . . . There is just two examples that save millions from being pillaged from the overtaxed voters pockets.

Of course, here on the internet is about the only place you will read about such commen sense bugetary leadership that restores integrity to government, and respect for it in the hearts of the people. For allthough the Frank Landry’s and Kerry Diotte’s are very brave and bold to write what they write, it takes leadership to put forth such commen sense ideas as you read about here at the Blog of Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, in the next civic election.

Which is probably when the copy and paste broadsheet scribes will hack out some copyright infringing copy and pasting from this blog, Like liquid spew from the rear orfice of a flu infested elephant will be that hack of copying and pasting. It’s all copy and paste broadsheet scribes are capabull of. . .

Unlike the excellent well written articles over at the  done by the master artists of prose, which shine like the lights in the night sky.

Mr. Kerry Diotte, teacher of broadsheet copy and paste scribes, hero of print was pointing out the other week how Edmonton’s Mayor likes to play the 3 shell blame game on why Edmonton has the highest taxes in the Solar system, galaxy and possibly the entire Universe!

Yes indeed, Edmonton’s Mayor, leader of the yearly budget, is of course a saying how the highest in the world tax rate isn’t because of his lack of leadership, but is due to civic employees who table the budget to council for voting.

Oh my, oh goodness, the pirate at the helm of the ship is a saying how he isn’t at the helm of the ship, while he is at the helm of the ship, steering it to the first deficit this millenium.

In a show of fiscal irresponsiblity, the irresponsible Mayor tax and spend of Edmonton, is trying to CONvince everyone that Mayor Tax and spend of Edmonton has no input into the budget. Memories of ENRON are dragged up by this claim of his. Similar to a “salted” claim that CONned many a poor overtaxed gold seeker into the grave.

According to Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton, all Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton does, is wear his blindfold and Vote however his corporate sponsers tell him to vote! Apperantly he can not even change the small change numbers on one small line of the overtaxing, always increasing, City of Edmonton budget.

11% hike for councils office budgets, almost 2/10ths of a million for replacing garbage cans, and that is just the tip of the dino bone named overtaxing. Then there is the $100 million plus art gallery, which when done will have the MOST EXPENSIVE price on realestate per square foot of gallery space.  Add to that the 1/3 of a $ Billion intersection on 23 ave and Calgary trail, more expensive than any 3 bridges across the river in Edmonton.  And that is just two of many squandering 3 eyed parrots wonders that Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton is wasting tax dollers on.

Also, according to Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton, since a bit over 10 poorcent of the people voted for Mayor Tax and spend to be Mayor Tax and Spend, Mayor Tax and Spend has a clear Mandate to Tax and Spend.

Don’t worry , there will probably be a nother tax increase next year too! After all that is what Mayor tax and spend does, tax and spend. . . . .  After all, it isn’t the worker that tells the corporate boss how to do the budget, its the corporate boss that tells the worker how the budget whould be.

Mayor tax and spends fictional story on how the tax increases are all the civic employees fault is just that; a story and not the Truth.  


The Truth is: With tax increase after tax increase, after tax increase, Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton has truely earned his title of: Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton.

According to the sorce that U of a students are not allowed to quote from, Wikipedia,
“The term “monopoly” first appears in Aristotle’s Politics, wherein Aristotle describes Thales of Miletus‘ cornering of the market in olive presses as a monopoly[3] (μονοπωλίαν)[4].”

And the Canadian competition act at




1.1 The purpose of this Act is to maintain and encourage competition in Canada in order to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy, in order to expand opportunities for Canadian participation in world markets while at the same time recognizing the role of foreign competition in Canada, in order to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises have an equitable opportunity to participate in the Canadian economy and in order to provide consumers with competitive prices and product choices.  “


Even though the competition act is written righty into the Canadian law, under its own act, the Competition act, which says people of Canada are allowed to have choices in the market place, the University of Alberta, has decided that monopolies are all righty, and that on Campus the U of a will decide what you choose.

Yes indeed, in contradiction to everything the free market system stands for, in total contradiction of the competition act, the Big Brotherly University of Alberta has thrown the democractic concept of free market competition out the window, and embraced the totalitarian dictatorship of the monopoly, which the competition act is there to anull.

Indeed, at the University of Alberta, cocaine cola, the breadbasket of greed is the only sugary diabetic inducing soft drink allowed on campus!

In a slap to the face of all pepsi-cola drinkers, and freedom of choice everywhere, the University of Alberta has said choice is something not allowed for students. In the quest of greed, freemarket competition is gone to the highest bidder. just as it was in the days where there were serfs, and no universities.

The Competition Act ignoring, University of Alberta, has decided that students do not need choices in life, such a decision clearly shows how the monopoly supporting University of Alberta spits upon the charter of rights and freedoms which says choices are a freedom or right.

The Monopoly supporting, University of Alberta, has decided that; teaching students to sell out to the highest bidder is the thing to do. The University of Alberta has also decided that teaching students to spit upon the competition act is great! As long as greed stuffs ones pockets, its allrighty to stiffle the competition is a free market system and country says the University of Alberta with its monopoly for cocaine greed cola.

some of the latest long standing jokes on campus according to the University of Alberta studets rumor mongering mill are:

1 I’ll be right back, I’m just gonna go get a pepsi!

2 Could you go get me a pepsi? ( replaces “please go, your boring”)

3 Monopoly? Thats a bord game cocaine greed cola won! 

All this thwarting of the competition act by the University of Alberta in the name of greedy pocket stuffing, makes one wonder a few things like: does ones grades go down at the University of Alberta if one is seen drinking pepsi? Or is one declared a terrorist for drinking pepsi? Is a person banned from campus if caught drinking a pepsi? And of course whats next?

Will there soon be just one type of food one can get on campus at the university of Alberta? aND WILL THERE BE JUST ONE CAR ADVERTISED ON THE CAMPUS RADIO, the hummer perhaps? Will students at the University of Alberta be forced to shop at only One Store, buy only one brand and one size of underwear?

Monopolies are wrong, they contravine everything the competition act is there for. For a University to be wiping thier dirty rear end with the competition act is beyond wrong, for they are the ones that are there to teach students ABOUT stuff like the competition act and free trade, and how monopolies are wrong. Instead:

one must ask: “U of A, what are they teaching there?”

over at the Richard Liebrecht was pointing out at

How the Mayor Tax & Spend of Edmonton is peeved at butts. It’s not coffee cups, nor car pollution, which would involve air quality, nor is it what gets poured into the river, that has Mayor Tax And Spend peeved. Nope its cigarette butts. . . .

This clown of Edmonton in the Mayors chair, should have started ragging on how Edmonton water has 140 parts per milion of god knows what, or he should have been promoting the City buying non-polluting vehicles.

But no, this Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton instead has a problem of a discriminating nature with butts. Probably after a meeting with former councilor Phair, is where the Mayors problems started. . . .

8 long years ago when he was just a rookie councilor, Discriminating MayorTax and Spend then, could have insisted that Edmonton put ashtrays around the city. Now though , Mayor Tax and Spend wants the province to heap more discrimination upon smokers to up the tobacco taxes, and then Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton wants all that money and more. Probably so he can declare smokers terrorists and rendition them to a foreign country where thier rights and freedoms can be abused, so that his morals are not so offended by the new terrorists of pollution!

The discriminating against smokers Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton would rather have the entire police force out in thier gas guzzling 8 cylinder cars double taxing people for driving and smoking , rather than actually fight real pollution or real crime.

Crime like the cost overruns on the art gallery, or those police should be investigating why the 23 ave and QE II interssection is costing almost 1/2 of a billion dollars!

For 1/2 of a billion , the police could have been picking up all those butts in Edmonton and getting some real work done.  Double taxing drivers on thier way to work, by the thousands in a day, is not real police work, it’s the pretend kind. . . .like blaming pollution on butts, while driving to work in the gas guzzler. . .

Yes indeed, having those police babysit everyones children at daycares would be better work thandouble taxing drivers in some pretend kind of work. And the citizens of Edmonton would probably be happy if the police were doing real work and babysitting everyones childrens in the various daycares around town.

Butt, Mayor Tax and Spend would not have those extra millions upon millions from the over ticketed drivers pockets to waste on white elephant projects, if the police were doing real work and babysitting instead of doing the pretend kind of police work and acting as Mayor tax and Spends double taxation teams.

The real butt doing the damage is not the ones lying on the streets, its the one sitting in the Mayor of Edmonton chair, saying leadership is double taxing whomever they can. . . .

Rule of Law, is how the laws work, how they are created, and struck down.

the following quote is from

Advocates hail Ontario court ruling on marijuana

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 1, 2000 | 11:35 PM ET

Advocates for the legalization of cannabis say Monday’s historic ruling on medical marijuana may soon lead to a total decriminalization of the drug.The Ontario Court of Appeals ruled that Canada’s current law prohibiting the possession of marijuana is unconstitutional.

The ruling says that if the federal government doesn’t put a new law on the books within 12 months, it will cease to be a crime to grow or smoke marijuana in Ontario.

The Ontario ruling says that Canada must have a marijuana law that allows people who have a legitimate medical need — like Terry Parker, who took his case to court — to smoke the drug, or have no law at all.  . . . ”

That was 8 long stinking years ago, that the justices of Ontario ruled that parliment MUST WRITE NEW LAWS, when it comes to marijuana.

A ministeerial order that can be changed at the whim of the minister, anytime is not a law debated, and passed by parliment to the senate who gives it to the govenor general so it can be signed into existance, then and only then is it a “Law of parliment,” that can be contested in the courts to make sure it is a VALID law that DOES NOT conflict with our rights and freedoms as guarenteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

the De jure of it all is: Since parliment has not made new marijuana laws, even though they have had 8 long smoking years to write new laws, there isn’t any. Marijuana possesion is a charge “unknown to law, ” here in Canada.


the de Facto of it all is: Justices, crown persicutors, and RCMP and all the various police forces are all breaking the law, when they try to charge someone with a charge “unknown to law”



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