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Now that is a rather long web address from the Government of Canada. If you click it and read the page there, you will see that the only Oath of anything allowed in the confederation of Nations called Canada is the following:  I, ……………….., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God.

Yet, in Alberta, the following illegal and possibly treasonous Oath(s) is used and has been used since 1955! as points out. here is the first lawbreaker oath, the have 3 illegal oaths there in Alberta.

Oath of allegiance

1(1)  When by a statute of Alberta a person is required to take an oath of allegiance it shall be taken in the following form:

                                          I,                           , swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law.

                                                                                                                                                         So help me God.  The word DO is left out, it may as well read, I bookcase, or I, . . . . . , telivision. . And then the illegal wording ” according to law” was somehow mysteriously added in to that law busting non-sentance, it’s righty after that illegally added extra comma.

The bastardizing of the Canadian language in this false Oath, by the Alberta Government is far worse than I could ever do, for The Alberta Government in doing os has thrown into question every decision of every justice in Alberta since 1955, when that false Oath was put in.

the BNA act of 18hundred whatever year, which clearly predates the illegal Oath of Alberta in 1955 clearly stipulates the Oath shall be as the Canada government has written on the law books on how it should be worded.

The rumormongering mill has it htat the appeal court of Alberta has been shown how they have all taken illegal Oaths and are breaking the law, by trying to be something they clearly are not (Judges.)

It looks as if all the courts of Alberta are in dishoner, illegal, and filled with justices that know not the offical oath of office of Canada, and the meaning of that Oath. two preconditions to being a justice in Canada.

If the judge does not know the official oath of office, which they have to take to be a judge, nor the meaning of that official oath of office of the naiton of canada, then they are not a judge. . . .

The implications are just astounding, a texan who did not take the official Oath of office in texas to be a judge was found to have broken the law, and every ruling of his was thrown out. . . .

every court ruling since 1955 in Alberta looks to be  illegal. . . . because since 1955 all the judges in Alberta have taken illegal and unlawful Oaths . . . . . . .





One only needs to look at ther map of Alberta, or ask an Albertan what thier favorite Park is? The answer always seams to be a NAtional park, not a provincial park. And the reason is ovious if one only looks at a map of Alberta. Notice how all the large park area is National, not provincial?

Where oh where are all the provincial parks? Near Edmonton there isn’t really any. Elk island Nation Park, run by the Federal government and not the provincial government is the closest most decent park near Edmonton, the Capital of Alberta!

Yep, that about says it all right there for Premier Barbarian and his barbarian partys environmentalism. And ditto for Mayor tax and spend of Edmonton! Mayor Tax and spends idea of a park is to waste vast sums of taxpayers money developing it into a tourist trap to rob peoples pockets of hard earned monies.

Parks are excellent wayts of environmentalism, when it is a park in its natural state, not a manicured foreign tree planted thing with vast amounts of concrete and tar. Natural state parks are excellent ways of environmentalism, for they improve the Quality of life! 

So is letting farmers grow hemp for fuel. The Provincial government knew way way back in the 1930’s that hnemp grows great out near vegerville. Hemp for fuel is far better than toxic goo ponds for fuel.

Hemp also grows great in those poor soil condition farmlands, where genetic mutated corn grows not.

In fact taber and south is the only place one can grow corn in Alberta for fuel, whereas HEMP can be grown from the mountains of the west to the prairies of the east to the badnlands of the south and even up in the broeial forests of the north!, And no toxic ponds of goo are needed to grow hemp in the MIGHTY NATION OF ALBERTA!!

Open pit mining, toxic goo lakes, no provincal parks with world recognition, no electric cars, no compressed air cars, corporations allowed to pollute as they want, no mandatory vehicle emmision tests, and on and on and on, clearly show PREMIER BARBARIAN and the barbarian party has truely earned his grade triple F (FFF) on the environment.

In 2010 Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

Indeed, indeed. . . indeed, I noticed that the heroic Mr. Kerry Diotte was a texting on about how the Edmonton property tax increase was horrid and probably killing off those on fixed incomes, but thos is almost worse!


EDMONTON – A hefty salary increase that makes Ed Stelmach the highest paid premier in Canada has become an issue of pointed debate in Alberta after the decision was made behind closed doors.

Stelmach and his 23 ministers voted in cabinet last week to boost their own salaries by up to 34 per cent. The $54,000 increase for Stelmach takes his annual pay to nearly $215,000, while his cabinet ministers will be earning $184,000″

why isn’t he current Mayor of Edmonton petitioning the provincial government to make sure these vehicles can be driven on the streets of the great city of Edmonton? I suppose it will take one of those heroic councilors to do so. . . . These vehicles are non-polluting, use no guzzoline, and are resonably priced! Dave Dowling wrote the premier asking why? the premier said in his response” too slow for Alberta!. Barbarians always earn thier name.





The Alberta premier had his first prayer breakfast today at the Shaw confrence center, And I thought I saw Mr Kerry Diotte there! I could be wrong. Mr Diotte is to the art of writting like klien was to the conservative party in Alberta. Just amazing, pure brillance, and ready to tackle anything!

The current Mayor of Edmonton was there, and even said hello to one of his rivals in the 2010 Mayor of Edmonton election.

the $35 fee per plate seamed a bit outragous, and looked to be a lot of money that could have gone towards better things, like fighting corporate poverty, or making sure Oil companies pay no taxes. . . . The service was great, but the eggs had a corporate taste to them, and the bacon had a flavor like high inflation and way too low wages. the fried taters looked like they had been grown with absolutely no reguard for the environment whatsoever! Allthough there was no Oiled duck on the menu, the coffee was excellent.

The worlds largest trio from Kings college of Edmonton, performed an excellent OCanada. Allthough I thought they should have played the Nation of Alberta’s National anthem instead.

Serge LeCleric, MLA from Saskatoon Northwest, gave an excellent speech, and showed those qualities that make him such an excellent guest speaker.

the whole Breakfast made me wonder though, Is Alberta a secular society? Hopefully, allthough it seams paying and praying to the Alberta conservatives does give one a better chance at been hired by the government!


rumormongering has it the Mayor of Edmonton’s prayer breakfast earlier this year was far far better and tastier.


where are all those [provincial parks in Alberta? Looking at my map of Alberta, there is more clear cutting logging areas than provincial park land. . . . Around the mighty Capital of Alberta, there isn’t a provincial park within a hours drive of Edmonton.

It looks as if one would have to walk for weeks to get to a provincial park from Edmonton! Premier BARBARIAN, this says so much about your view of the environment. It looks as if the only provincial parks around Edmonton are reserved for corporations to pillage the environment!

No provincial park in Edmonton. No provincial park in Ft Sask or in vegerville! In fact the only provincial park within a weeks walking of Edmonton looks to be the very very small pigion lake provincial park!

I suppose there is no provincial parks near Edmonton because all the trees were chopped down for broadsheet newspapers, so copy and paste scribes can copy and paste worthless propaganda for whomever stuffs the most money in thier pockets!

Will there ever be a provincial park near or in Edmonton? Probably not, for Edmonton city councilors would never ever get the mayor of edmonton to approach the Premier of Alberta to ask where oh where is the provincial parks near or in Edmonton?

Perhaps it is time to get a HERO like Mr. Kerry Diotte involed in this issue.

The state of nature and natural in Alberta is of course on the deklien. Less trees, less clean waters, less clean airs, and well, it looks as if up north in Alberta, Oiled duck is the perferred target of the Oil company executives.

With all the trillions of Dollaqrs they gobble up, those pesky Oil company executives have found a new way of using oil for hunting! Yes indeed, it is the oil duck trap. Yep, those ingenius oil executives have found a way to hunt ducks without guns, probably in an attempt to please PETA and such organizations. Those oil executives make large ponds of goo, that to a duck look like a water pond, and well, when the ducks land on the goo, they get covered in it and die. And not just one at a time. Oh, no, those oil executives kill those pesky ducks by the hundreds and thousands at a time. fermented rotted duck carcass just may add something to the oil they skim off those ponds of gooo.

It looks as if the premier will be there hunting ducks with no bullets sometime soon, Probably on his next “hunting” trip up north to Ft McGreedy. Of course Mr Barbarian will name it something other than a hunting trip. I imagine the ginuiss people will be wanting to verify that so many ducks were killed with out a single bullet been fired from a shotgun, as it probably is a world record. Greenpeace activist Mike Hudema, opposition leader Kevin Taft, Aboriginal leaders and the Majority of albertans will be ignored by the barbarian party for a public inquiery into the oil companies trapping entire flocks of ducks out of season. Trapping Ducks, out of season and over thier limit, and no public inquiery by premier BARBARIAN, who as you see has truely earned his name.

Will oiled duck be on the premiers breakfast menu or perhaps some Oiled whooping crane? Phone and ask him yourself! Does premier barbarian care about the environment? the proof is in the oil, where it always has and always will lie.

My other Question is did the Oil companies have a Duck hunting licence, or is that a Duck trapping licence, and is duck trapping season open? I thought one could not hunt ducks till fall. . .  Will this inspire rural Alberta to create thier own ponds of used vehicle goo to trap ducks?


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