Only dictators close parliament for political gain,
while an economic crisis happens. . . 

  Did the stevil say something like

“Gov. Gen. , Could you put democracy on hold so the moronity government that has no respect for the will of the people  can keep acting like it has an overwhelming majority?”

” Sure Stevil, after all, you sign the paycheck, who cares about the rule of law and if the confedense of parliament is there!”

Alberta, and in fact the rest of Canada deserves better.


Now that is a rather long web address from the Government of Canada. If you click it and read the page there, you will see that the only Oath of anything allowed in the confederation of Nations called Canada is the following:  I, ……………….., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God.

Yet, in Alberta, the following illegal and possibly treasonous Oath(s) is used and has been used since 1955! as points out. here is the first lawbreaker oath, the have 3 illegal oaths there in Alberta.

Oath of allegiance

1(1)  When by a statute of Alberta a person is required to take an oath of allegiance it shall be taken in the following form:

                                          I,                           , swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law.

                                                                                                                                                         So help me God.  The word DO is left out, it may as well read, I bookcase, or I, . . . . . , telivision. . And then the illegal wording ” according to law” was somehow mysteriously added in to that law busting non-sentance, it’s righty after that illegally added extra comma.

The bastardizing of the Canadian language in this false Oath, by the Alberta Government is far worse than I could ever do, for The Alberta Government in doing os has thrown into question every decision of every justice in Alberta since 1955, when that false Oath was put in.

the BNA act of 18hundred whatever year, which clearly predates the illegal Oath of Alberta in 1955 clearly stipulates the Oath shall be as the Canada government has written on the law books on how it should be worded.

The rumormongering mill has it htat the appeal court of Alberta has been shown how they have all taken illegal Oaths and are breaking the law, by trying to be something they clearly are not (Judges.)

It looks as if all the courts of Alberta are in dishoner, illegal, and filled with justices that know not the offical oath of office of Canada, and the meaning of that Oath. two preconditions to being a justice in Canada.

If the judge does not know the official oath of office, which they have to take to be a judge, nor the meaning of that official oath of office of the naiton of canada, then they are not a judge. . . .

The implications are just astounding, a texan who did not take the official Oath of office in texas to be a judge was found to have broken the law, and every ruling of his was thrown out. . . .

every court ruling since 1955 in Alberta looks to be  illegal. . . . because since 1955 all the judges in Alberta have taken illegal and unlawful Oaths . . . . . . .




Michael Langan, 17, died shortly after being Tasered by police, 26-year-old Craig McDougall was shot and killed by police,  Freddy Alberto Villanueva, died from his wounds in hospital, after been shot by police in Montreal, Robert Dziekanski’s , tazed to death in Vancouver, by RCMP officers, and the list goes on and on and on. People unjustly, and wrongfully executed by those there to protect them. Executed by employees of the state. . . . . . . has a list and map and names of the tasered victims of police state violence. A taser is suppose to be a gun subsitute. When police in Edmonton are wanting to pull out guns and shoot someone wandering on the street, something is wrong. . in Edmonton. when police in vancouver want to pull out a gun and shoot a disorentated traveler, who knows no english or french, something in wrong. . . . . in Vancouver. When police want to pull out a gun and shoot someone because they do not want to talk to them, something is wrong . . . . . in Montreal.

When these incidents are happening coast to coast to coast, as I have pointed out on this here blog, something in wrong in not just the cities, but the entire Nation of Canada.

Police are suppose to be there to serve and protect, and possibly arrest. They are not there to be judge, jury, and executioner as thier actions across the land show thier overall mentality to be, when it comes to that motto of “Serve and protect”.

Has an interesting story on how Sasquatch’s are easier to see, than a city of Edmonton budget with tax DEcreases for the overtaxed voter.

Indeed, people across the country find it easier to see Ogopogos in lakes, and Sasquatches in the wild woods, than to see a non-tax increasing budget from the city of Edmonton.

The Mayor is why. His leadership of $10,000+ raises every year, has set the example for the rest of the city to follow. when the so named leader is all about tax and spend, its not long before the rest of council is doing the same.

If only there was some nontaxing and non-spending leadership on the city of Edmonton council.

It sure looks as if leadership is something severly lacking in the mayors chair, and the council chambers. . .

But hey, at least you chances of seeing a Sasquatch and Ogopogo are better than a city budget iwth tax DEcreases.

A city of Edmonton Tax DECREASE, more mythical than ogopogo and Sasquatch!

More mythical and far rarer than ogopogo is a city of Edmonton budget with a tax DECREASE for the overtaxed property owner!

According to the

One of the mayor of Edmontons pricey to the taxed voter pet projects, the “welcome to Edmonton” million dollar pyramid signs, will not be happening.. . . .

As the Mayor of Edmonton hides his face, while pouting over the ax job the rest of council did to his pet million dollar project. He beraited all of Edmonton, screaming that those pyramids were a vision directly from Jesus or something, and that Edmonton better pay up for his million dollar plus visions from Jesus! And that Edmonton better dig deep into those overtaxed voters pockets to raise the chump change of a few measly millions, for his pet pyramid project!

What the heck are millions, when its a vision form Jesus that Edmonton MUST have!

Couns. Linda Sloan and Dave Thiele were absent from the vote, Linda was probably in the office leading the cell phone pyramid revolt against the Dragon of overtaxing and overspending!.

Couns. Bryan Anderson, Don Iveson, Tony Caterina, Ron Hayter, Kim Krushell and Amarjeet Sohi voted against, the pyramid, and the spend and tax leadership of the Mayor of Edmonton insuring the rest of council gets those kushy committee chair positions, that enable a councilor to double and triple dip at the taxpayers trrough!

Couns. Linda Sloan probably would have voted against it, while tax and spend supporter Dave Thiele probablly would have voted for the pyramids if they only cost more! I am sure Thiele could have come up with some nefarious ways to triple or quadruple the costs, to help squander as much as he can of the overtaxed voters money! 

Couns. Bryan Anderson, Don Iveson, Tony Caterina, Ron Hayter, Kim Krushell and Amarjeet Sohi who all voted against the million dollars plus pet pyramid project of hte Mayor must in the mayors eyeballs and nightmares now be like an ogopogo ready to gobble up the leadership in council chambers. . . . .

Even with this councilors revolt, pictures of ogopogo are easier to get than a City of Edmonton budget with a tax DECREASE for the overtaxed property tax owner.

Indeed, it is ever so very true. according to

“Robyn Holman says she took a picture and is now waiting to get the photo developed. Whether it turns out or not, the Kelowna, B.C., woman is now convinced that the legendary Ogopogo does exist. ”

has lots of information on ogopogos which are easier to take a picture of, than to get a non-tax increasing budget in the city of Edmonton!

A City of Edmonton budget with Tax DEcreases for the overtaxed voter is more mythical than ogopogo will ever be! Why? Because that is what the non-voting majority want!

the nonocracy, where ogopogos exist and City of Edmonton budget tax decreases never ever happen. . .

And the overtaxed voter better get another hundred of thousand ready for the Mayapors and concilors cost of living wage increases, cost of living expense account increases, cost of living gas allowance increases and all the rest of the cost of living increases that councils and the mayors meager wages will gouge from your pockets, purses, and wallets!

Mayapor, What a typo that is. And how brave and bold of Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010 to leave that in the post your reading!

What do you think Ed, will the Mayapor of Edmonton like that? 🙂

Indeed, I was there.

Premier Ed, Premiers wife, Dave Dowling. Rumor-mongering has it that the person in the middle is the one that actually runs everything in the Nation of Alberta.

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