scott mckeen

Indeed, indeed. . . indeed, I noticed that the heroic Mr. Kerry Diotte was a texting on about how the Edmonton property tax increase was horrid and probably killing off those on fixed incomes, but thos is almost worse!


EDMONTON – A hefty salary increase that makes Ed Stelmach the highest paid premier in Canada has become an issue of pointed debate in Alberta after the decision was made behind closed doors.

Stelmach and his 23 ministers voted in cabinet last week to boost their own salaries by up to 34 per cent. The $54,000 increase for Stelmach takes his annual pay to nearly $215,000, while his cabinet ministers will be earning $184,000″































































































































































































































“it’s obvious that Scott McKeen uses his bully pulpit not to educate Journal readers but to selectively target, defame, and smear personalities with whom he disagrees. This is gutter journalism in the classical tradition of Geraldo Rivera, Jayson Blair, Leonard “Cry Me A River” Pitts, and Christian Trejbal. “