the Prime Sinister

Only dictators close parliament for political gain,
while an economic crisis happens. . . 

  Did the stevil say something like

“Gov. Gen. , Could you put democracy on hold so the moronity government that has no respect for the will of the people  can keep acting like it has an overwhelming majority?”

” Sure Stevil, after all, you sign the paycheck, who cares about the rule of law and if the confedense of parliament is there!”

Alberta, and in fact the rest of Canada deserves better.


Never before in Canada’s history has parliment been shut down. . .  

Dictators shut down parliments.
Hitler  like the name Harper, has 6 letters, starts with  H, and ends in r.
One burned the building to the ground. The other locked the doors.











Alberta does not need Dictators, in fact all of Canada deserves better.

Rule of Law, is how the laws work, how they are created, and struck down.

the following quote is from

Advocates hail Ontario court ruling on marijuana

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 1, 2000 | 11:35 PM ET

Advocates for the legalization of cannabis say Monday’s historic ruling on medical marijuana may soon lead to a total decriminalization of the drug.The Ontario Court of Appeals ruled that Canada’s current law prohibiting the possession of marijuana is unconstitutional.

The ruling says that if the federal government doesn’t put a new law on the books within 12 months, it will cease to be a crime to grow or smoke marijuana in Ontario.

The Ontario ruling says that Canada must have a marijuana law that allows people who have a legitimate medical need — like Terry Parker, who took his case to court — to smoke the drug, or have no law at all.  . . . ”

That was 8 long stinking years ago, that the justices of Ontario ruled that parliment MUST WRITE NEW LAWS, when it comes to marijuana.

A ministeerial order that can be changed at the whim of the minister, anytime is not a law debated, and passed by parliment to the senate who gives it to the govenor general so it can be signed into existance, then and only then is it a “Law of parliment,” that can be contested in the courts to make sure it is a VALID law that DOES NOT conflict with our rights and freedoms as guarenteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

the De jure of it all is: Since parliment has not made new marijuana laws, even though they have had 8 long smoking years to write new laws, there isn’t any. Marijuana possesion is a charge “unknown to law, ” here in Canada.


the de Facto of it all is: Justices, crown persicutors, and RCMP and all the various police forces are all breaking the law, when they try to charge someone with a charge “unknown to law”



The Following was brought to my attention by Mr G. Whitnack of the holy Smoke healing Center Society of Alberta. Indeed, that most publicized “do not call list” is more of a please call and solicite me list. The Please call me list has no minister overseer responsible for this scam, and Scam it truely is.

For that list of millions of peoples names, phone numbers and etc is been sold to the highest bidders! And of course you will not read about it in the major media, probably because thier major stockholders have vested intrests in foreign telephone solicitation call centers!

It dosent matter if you have a private number, once its on that list, it can be sold to the highest bidder! Foreign companies all over the world, do not care about Canada’s laws, its the profit they are after, just like the government of Canada, that will break privacy laws to get money for that list of people who do not want to be called by the telephone solicitors!

Foreign companies are just drooling over the prospect of circumnavigating the Laws of Canada, and obtaining private phone numbers of Canadian citizens, and those private numbers will be sold to them, by the government of Canada!

What a sham, what a double speak, what a horror been perpetrated upon the people of Canada by the Government of Canada. What another example of the Harper government not caring about Canadians!

Harper of the East is the one responsible for this horror, in My Opinion. And think twice before you go and add your name and number to the Please Call list that the government of Stevil Harper is selling to everyone and anyone who wants to pay.

When the taliban start calling your private unlisted phone and keep asking for Donations, you now know who is responsible, the Harper of the East.

The prime sinsiter, stevel harper is clearly the second biggest looser, the first been the non-voting public that get less and less representation in government. Voting for a represenative 3 out of four years is not democracy, it is representative democracy.

Democracy is where everyone would be voting on all matters of government including those representatives wages, which would be no where near what they are if every one voted on every bill in parliment and the senate. That would be real democarcy, not the pretend kind that exists in Canada.

And the six year old says, “Daddy momey, have a bird poop on that evil liberal!” and that is probablywhere that came from, which shows how the communist party of stevil harper has no one to really lead except by bullyism. Communists luv to tax the people, give those taxes  to themselves and  big corporations, while telling you the competition is only good for birds to poop on.

Whearas jack layiton did indeed lay it on this week with the fire and brimestone of a born again preacher, awacking on and on how his communist party is the only communist party that can save everyone from the two horned oil deamons!

And the Ms May is now included in the clown debates, where they who paint the others faces first to look like a fool wins! Of course the great clown debates will happen in front of the public private controlled cameras so all can see which fool is the finest fool. and of course the communist party of ms may is the only communist party that can get those private media to open up and devote the first five pages or minutes to saving the trees.

And of course the Ducepe communist party is saying it is the only communist party that save Ontario from the evils of the west.

And the  communist party of the Dion is of course saying how iit is the only communist party that can save all of canada from all the communist partys wanting to tax all of Canada to death so oil pirates and bank pirates and communist party members can  enjoy obsence wages and pensions beyond belief.

Indeed, at $1.75 per vote per year the clear winner is the communist parties.

Once again the loosers are all of Canada who have to vote one of these fools into the office of prime minister. Make sure you at least show up to spoil the ballot this October 14th, after all that too is a choice, that results in no one getting that $1.75 per vote per year.

Communist, fascist, it’s all the same, once in power they all do the same, up the taxes, lower the representation and give Canada scandel after scandel. . . . .

Was there a no-confidence vote in the house of parliment in Ottawa?
3 elections in 4 years, shows what the stevil harper thinks of fixed election dates in Canada.

He says left and goes right, Can anything that spews from the orfice of this stevil be trusted to mean what he will do? Of course not.

What a slap in the face of all Canada!

Now that is a rather long web address from the Government of Canada. If you click it and read the page there, you will see that the only Oath of anything allowed in the confederation of Nations called Canada is the following:  I, ……………….., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God.

Yet, in Alberta, the following illegal and possibly treasonous Oath(s) is used and has been used since 1955! as points out. here is the first lawbreaker oath, the have 3 illegal oaths there in Alberta.

Oath of allegiance

1(1)  When by a statute of Alberta a person is required to take an oath of allegiance it shall be taken in the following form:

                                          I,                           , swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law.

                                                                                                                                                         So help me God.  The word DO is left out, it may as well read, I bookcase, or I, . . . . . , telivision. . And then the illegal wording ” according to law” was somehow mysteriously added in to that law busting non-sentance, it’s righty after that illegally added extra comma.

The bastardizing of the Canadian language in this false Oath, by the Alberta Government is far worse than I could ever do, for The Alberta Government in doing os has thrown into question every decision of every justice in Alberta since 1955, when that false Oath was put in.

the BNA act of 18hundred whatever year, which clearly predates the illegal Oath of Alberta in 1955 clearly stipulates the Oath shall be as the Canada government has written on the law books on how it should be worded.

The rumormongering mill has it htat the appeal court of Alberta has been shown how they have all taken illegal Oaths and are breaking the law, by trying to be something they clearly are not (Judges.)

It looks as if all the courts of Alberta are in dishoner, illegal, and filled with justices that know not the offical oath of office of Canada, and the meaning of that Oath. two preconditions to being a justice in Canada.

If the judge does not know the official oath of office, which they have to take to be a judge, nor the meaning of that official oath of office of the naiton of canada, then they are not a judge. . . .

The implications are just astounding, a texan who did not take the official Oath of office in texas to be a judge was found to have broken the law, and every ruling of his was thrown out. . . .

every court ruling since 1955 in Alberta looks to be  illegal. . . . because since 1955 all the judges in Alberta have taken illegal and unlawful Oaths . . . . . . .




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