07star.gifScientific Theism is the one and only true and real religion of the one and only real and true God.

Truth is something the mind arrives at, by a leap of reasoning based upon evidence percieved.

Truth is objective(Truth=objective)
senses are subjective(senses=subjective)

let a=truth, let b=objective
and let x=senses and let y=subjective.
we then have the formulas
a=b and x=y
now: If we asine a an arbitrary number like one, then, since a=b then b would also be one.
a/b=b/b, reducing the right side of the equation we get a/b=1 we can do the same for the other equation .
also, x=y, x/y=y/y, reducing we get x/y=1

now substitution of x/y for 1 in a/b=1
gives us:


Truth is equal to the objective times senses divided by the subjective.
as y(subjective) approaches zero, truth approaches infinite.

Infinite Truth is equal to senses and the objective with no subjectiveness whatsoever.
-a(lies) occures when any of the variables on the left hand side of the equation are negative(false)
Note: any one or three of the variables on the righty side of the equation can be false, but not just two.
(x*b)/(y*a)-1=0 !!Now that really says something about Truth!

Let us all first understand the definition of Truth, then we can understand when we talk about it.

Scientific Theism (the Religion of God) is an UNorganized religion that arrives at knowledge of God by the Self evident Truths that are everywhere(i.e. Emc^2, laws of thermodynamics, etc) that anything anywhere at anytime can find. This seams to be a far far better way than relying on books of man written by man for man, that only seam to cause conflict.
Far better is to use the self evident truths that are allwhere to arrive at what truth is.

Scientific Theism shows that with the limited knowledge we have, we can only prove three things about the Deity;

1 there is a Supreme Benevolent Being.
2 This Supreme Benevolent Being is Benevolent.
3 because of the inherent nature of the Supreme Benevolent Being, it is important how we try to live our lifes, and the try is emphasized.

State of the art, top of the line instruments like the Hubble space telescope show that the Universe is expanding and has been doing so for around ten to 15 Billion years.
Yes ask Mr or Mrs Scientist how the Big Bang Happened and they will not be able to tell you.
The Big Bang is a fact. Background cosmic radiation, telescopes and such prove it so.
Yet at t=0, the moment just before the big bang happened, People like Hawkings and Einstien and others show us that at that moment a big gigantic black hole existed.

A point of raw potential as hawkings once said to describe this black hole of black holes. or as I said and say, an “infinite dimensional point of infinite raw potential. (IDPOIRP)
Yes, at t=0 a particle existed that had no mass, like black holes have or do not have, but it had infinite energy like only the Universe has and of course a volume of nothing as black hole have or don’t have.

so the IDPOIRP had/has infinite energy+ no mass+ no volume.

When you plug those numbers into relativistic equations, you find that the speed of light can be exceeded by an amazingly large factor!
In fact an IDPOIRP can obtain an instantanious velocity! It can go from point a to point b in no time at all! and of course on to point c and on and on to the infinitely next point. all in no time at all. Instantanious velocity is where the IDPOIRP goes so fast it appears everywhere at once. Reflections of it are The Fundamentle Particle that science still looks for, and these reflections conglomerate together to form stable particles like quarks, photons, electrons, atoms, molecules, planets, suns, black holes, and the most stable form of energy the Infinite Dimensional Point Of Infinite Raw Potential.
Scientific Truths that anything, anwhere, at anytime can find show it to be so.
For Absolute zero is a tempature that can never be reached. bose-einstien condensates show that when particles get very close to the tempature of absolute zero, they meld into a single quantum state and behave as a single quantum particle. The Universe will never ever keep expanding forevermore. It will reach a state where it almost reaches absolute zero, and then it will meld into a single quantum state and behave as a single quantum particle!

The self evident truth that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but only changes form, shows that it is an Infinite Dimensional Point of Infinite Raw Potential and not just a mere and meager point of raw potential. For it is forevermore both ways along times arrow.

For you have already read this an infinite number of times, as there has already been an infinite number of Big Bang Cycles, the difference between them all being a quark may be a pico-nano meter to the left of where it was last time in the last Big Bang Cycle. Or the clothes you are wearing may be a different color.

And that is true benevolence of a scale hard for us to comprehend. An infinite number of lifes. The ability to do all , one thing at a time.

the constant e which is equal to one plus one divided by infinity all raised to the infinite power may be of significance to the fundamentle particle. For all though it appears to be in all places at the same time, is it?

For at each spot it appears, there is it and a reflection of it! in fact at each place it appears there is the one IDPORIP plus a relection of it, the reflection may be (fundamentle particle)the smallest possible thing known to the Universe. Anyways both the reflection and the IDPOIRP are infinite dimensional as the one is a piece of the other which appears everywhere at the same time! Hence the infinite dimensions.
So, where ever there is a fundamentle particle, it appears as if the constant e is related to it, for both e and the particle are equal to the same number!

the constant e=(1+1/Infinite)^Infinitity. I write infinite because I am not sure how the make the squiqqle that looks like a sideways 8 that represents infinity!

at the google calculator

the constant e is approx = 2.71828183
Which is how many IDPOIRP’s occupy the space that one fundamental particle exists in!

Sounds rather paraxodical isn’t it? a undivisable object having almost three of itself existing in the same place at the same time? Well, thats how one described an infinite dimensional point of infinite raw potential in limited four dimensional terms! With Paradoxes and Metaphors.

Energy is forevermore, it only changes form. The vibrations of all the energy in the Universe could be reduced to one complex mathematical equation, if one had a computer just a wee bit bigger than the Universe! Thought and memory are a form of energy. The energy that composes thought and memory is there forevermore. It’s vibration permeates throughout the Universe, forevermore.

It takes intelligence to have thought or memory, for they are composed bits of information, rather than just random bits.
In that IDPOIRP that exists just before each Big Bang starts, is all the thoght and memories that were ever there, not just yours and mine, but those of the trees, fish, lizards and any alien life out there beyond our planet. All those bits of information are there because they existed and sent a mathematical expression out into forevermore. That mathematical expression is there, for energy is never destroyed. Think of it as a drop of water in the ocean, for the thought is as a drop and the ocean is as the Universe.
And as pointed out, it takes intelligence to understand thought and such, and therefor, ecause all that thought and such is represented forevermore in the grand scheme of the Universe, the IDPOIRP is intelligent, for it has the thoughts and memories of everything and more!


One Response to “God’s Religion!”

  1. davedowling Says:

    If space time was graphed three dimensionally it would appear as a coil spring(slinkey) bent in a circle so the two end touch.

    Each loop of the coilspring would represent one big bang cycle.
    Each big bang cycle can take up to trillions of years to complete.
    The end of the infinitely next big bang cycle would
    be the start of the infinitely last big bang cycle.

    Statistics and probabilities shows that if an infinite set of big bang cycles exists, anything that can happen will happen, which of course, means you have allready read this an infinite number of times in an infinite number of big bang cycles that happened before this one that we live in.

    And there is an infinite number of Big Bang Cycles to come.
    Again and again in an infinite number of them, it is possible we will be granted this thing called life .
    I say possible, for the self evident laws of energy conservation show that for every action there is an equal and oppisite reaction or something like that.
    Which in other words, is to say, Karma. . .
    Energy vibrates. It’s vibrations effect all things, as relativity shows us that all is interconnected.
    Proof of this is in faster than light communication between photons in verifiable experiments.
    Shoot two photons out in oppisite directions, polarize one, the other knows instantaniously.
    Connected by some mysterious to some scientists thingymabob.
    What you do here, resonates out to everywhere, and could possibly influence everywhen.
    Like in the next big bang cycle.
    Documented near death experiances show there may be something else beyond the life we experiance here and now.
    For in those documented NDE’s people leave their body.
    even in the days of Plato there was documented near death experiances.
    Which is once of the many reasons that Plato said “Death is a good thing.”
    For it is as Plato stated: Either the most peaceful sleep ever and eternity is but a single peaceful night of rest, where we wake up being born in the next big bang cycle as we were born in this one. Or, there is a place, where the soul does go, and can converse with those like Plato.
    Allthough Death is a good thing as Plato stated, Life is a great good. Life is a gift that was granted and accepted. Self evident truths that anything, anywhere at any time can find prove it to be so. Life is beyond a grand thing. For life is where we get to do things l ike smile, and help others and experiance things like the beauty of a flower and the sounds of a forest.
    Life is a grand thing where where are connected to everything around us.
    And is it not better to reach for wings and such than to stoop for pointy tails?
    For in the reaching is the living, the smiles and the wonder that enables.
    And that is part of the reason, why it is important how you try to live your life. and the emphases is on the trying. For that is what we do, sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail, most often though, it is that grey area inbetween, like where we catch that fish we were fishing for, but just as we take it off the hook, that slippery fish leaps from the hands, back into the water, to swim away. . . With dim thoughts of supper, we cast again.

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