Scientific Theism (Gods Religion) is the origin of all Religions, all of them, every single one, including atheism.

Just as there are many different strains of Marijuana, there is also many different beliefs. from the athiests “I do not BELEIVE in a Deity” to the polytheists who believe in many Goddesses.

Most early Religons were humans attempts to understand the unexplainable. To early mankind, questions like “why is the sky blue?” were unexplainable except by actions of a Deity(s)

But as humans are lazy, most religons quickly turn from a quest for truth into a statement of opinion.
One can see this in establishments like the various church’s accross the world.

Most of the Organized religons if not all of them have thier “Book.” Usually the “Book” is one written millenium ago when our ancestors walked 10 km uphill to school, and ten km uphill back home after school, and swore the Earth was Flat with monsters at the edge ready to eat all those who did not fall off the edge of the earth into oblivion.

The “Book” is usually insulated against question of it, by various hiarchys of officials of the organized Religon.
those that say the “Book” is not true are usually ostrazied, shunned, or banned from the organized religion. Sort of like how those that Use Marijuana are burdened with a criminal record.

Most Religions , the organized ones like christianity or islam, if followed, would embrace Cannabis as the awesome plant that it truely is. But, these organized Religons are surrounded by thier secular opinionated walls of upbringing, that is in a way enforced upon those that grow up in the system. Hench they do not embrace Cannabis, but in fact usually brand it as a tool of the Devil. Just look at President Moron, who equates Marijuana with weapons of mass destruction carried by terrorists, for proof of this.

This is why the fundamental zeolot is usually a bad thing. For they brand all that disagree with thier opinion on why the sky is blue as against them. Proof of this is of course once again in President morons actions and statements.

For only a fundamental zeolot wrapped up in the patriotism of my Opinion is always right, would war upon people armed with sling shots and catapults with an army of mass destruction for Profits and Photo Opportunities to make the people forget about a coup d etat.

such is the horrors of Opinion is greater than truth. Horrors of Opinion is Truth have been perpetrated upon humans by humans for Millenium. The various crusades, hitler and such are Emperical proof of this that can only be denied by the argument of “Opinion is greater than Truth.” Indeed, it seams as if in such peoples minds, the Opinion becomes truth. That is what we all do when we decide what religion we belong to, even the Atheists do this, when deciding what Truth is.

for though Truth exists, and is always there, we do not know it is there until we percieve evidence that points towards the Truths existance. For we all percieve only subjective things of our objective Universe. It is the subjective Observations that we use to make a leap of reasoning to what we percieve the Truth to be.

We all do this, no matter the Truth we determine to be.
We percieve subjective evidence, our minds use this subjective evidence to determine what Truth is.

Example, we sit down at a computer, turn it on, it boots up, we click the internet explorer program, and cruise to a web site, where we can read something on what Truth may be.
All the evidence points towards the text upon the screen as being there so we can read it. Truth is all the evidence points towards the text being upon the screen once we click the link that makes the text appear there in all its glory.

No matter your Belief, you too do this when deciding what to believe.

the problem is most of us use Myths written by ancient man. Myths written Millenium ago. Myths that were Mankinds early poor attempt at explaining the unexplainable with the limited knowledge they had at those times.

Allthough Myth is great, for it shows us things like why stuff like smiles are important in society, that which science finds is far better. Truth is far better than Opinion.

This is how I view it In My Opinion. There is mountain ranges in Canada where I live. These mountain ranges are called the rocky mountains, and rocky they truly are. Mt. Terry Fox, Mt. Robson, Golden ears, Upper and lower frazer valleys, to name just a few of the splended majestic peaks of these ranges. Valleys with fresh clean flowing waters, ringed by a crown of earthy wonders, tall, proud, silent, sentinels, atop the loft of the valleys floors. Numerous valleys, almost beyond count. To visit all the wonderful places there in these rocky mountains, would take 4 or five lifetimes in my opinion. And though the next valley looks a bit like the one on the other side of the craigy ice capped mountain ranges, it is always different and filled with wonders of nature, that should always be there. In most valleys, at the bottom fresh water rivers, where I hear the riverman swims once in a while, fresh flowing waters surrounded by trees and grasses and shrubs and mosses and such. a rainbowe colored summer shades of grren green plants with a growing multitude of rainbowed flowers. slowly running out, up the mountains rugged side to the top, where ice and wind rule the peaks all year long in places. And all over is all kinds of critters, enjoying the tres, waters, airs, and mountains, just like they should. In different valleys sometimes dwells different creatures, and different trees and such.

And where mankind does dwell, the valley is usually different than where just nature dwells. Where we are, are all kinds of farms. Fish farms, ginsing farms, berry farms, fruit farms, horse farms, cow and chicken farms, heck there is even tourist farms in some valleys. Usually what grows in the valleys where man dwells depends on various things, like the yearly tempature, rain fall and such things like if the river man has been there or not. And it ends up that each valley where we live is just like the valleys where we do not live. Each place a little bit different than the next.

And over all these tall ice capped Rockey mountain peaks that ring the valleys like an ancient crown, is the sun. It sheds light down upon the mountains and all the different valleys enableing the trees to grow, the birds to sing, the waters to flow, and us people to live there. Glorious and enobling this thing we name our sun, that sheds down such a great thing as light for free to all who need it.

In My Opinion, I look at these Rockey Mountains, is how in a way I view religions. For to me each religion is as a valley in the rocky mountains. Over here is the valley named Christian, and next to it over the mountain peaks is the valley named Muslim. And of course there is a Pagan valley, a wicca valley, a Mormon valley, a buddhist valley, an atheist valley, a theist valley, a chrishna valley and on and on and on. So many valleys they are all most beyond count. And to visit each one of them would In My Opinion take four or five lifetimes.

And in each of these valleys there is usually at the bottom a clear flowing stream of crystal cool waters, and there is of course trees and such growing up the rugged sides of the tall steep craigs. With a majestic crown of cold capped ice on top. With all kids of critters enjoying the valley, just like they should.

Over all these valleys shines the sun. Enabling them all to be filled with trees and mosses and such, and flowing waters, and critters that live there. Without the sun, there would be no balleys with flowing waters and all its critters and life.everything would freeze.

I try to not dwell in any valley. For that may lead to one thinking the valley they live in is all there is, and that the mountains are too tall, and too cold at the top to climb over.

Instead I recognize that it is not the valley below that gives and enables the life to live there. Instead it is the sun above shedding the light down for free to all the valleys that enable the valleys to be filled with life and flowing waters and such.

This Bright burning Orb of flowing light, high in the sky, that is what I see. When I try to describe it with things like text about tall mountains, my words they are pale in comparision, like a ghost to me. And I totally, utterly, miserably fail at trying to describe what I am trying to describe.

And that is what Gods Religion (Scientific Theism) is, it is the sun in the metaphoric story above. With no sun, the earth would freeze. Scientific Theism is that which inspired all the religions of man. Various mortals (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Zoraster, Lau Tzu etc. ) though out history would see that metaphorical sun(Scientific Theism) and when they tried to describe it to the people around them, them people turned from the path of Scientific Theism (Gods Religion) and started following a painting of the path instead of the path itself. Far better is to follow the path (Gods religion ( Scientific Theism )) than a painting of the path (Other religions.) For when one tries to walk on a painting, they destroy it. whearas a path is made for walking.

If you do not see what I show, you are blind
If you are blind and If you do not hear what I say, you are deaf
If you are deaf and If you do not taste what is in these words, you have no tounge
If you have no tounge and If you can not feel the texture of these words then you have no feelings.
If you have no feelings, then you are truely trapped inside tall tall walls of the opinions of upbringing, and then all you have left, is your, your smell.
If you never climb over these tall steep walls, so tall they may be like cliffs, then you will never know what truth is and you will never enter the hall of Vallhalla and feast with Odin(or whatever terminology you wish to put here for that which happens after what you are experiencing right now(life) ends.)


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